Pet Care Team

Meet our dedicated pet care team. Each is an experienced pet caregiver and life-long pet lover. Furry, hairy, feathered, scaly, hoven – we love ’em all and enjoy taking great care of them when you are away.


Area: South Hill, Puyallup
Specialties: pet sitting and boarding pets in her home

I love working with dogs, cats, and all types of pets as well as meeting new people; many of our clients have become good friends. Right now, I have no pets of my own so pet sitting and boarding gives me tremendous joy. My home has a large fenced backyard and I treat every dog as if he or she was my own. I joined the team in 2008. I love being part of the Kelly’s Creature Comforts team; we have the same passion for pets and customer service.


Areas: Sumner, Bonney Lake and Buckley
Specialties: pet sitting, farm sitting, exercise visits, and office manager

I started working for Kelly’s in 2013. It’s the perfect fit for me – I get to spend time with animals I love and care for my kiddos. Now, as office manager, I care for fewer pets. I am grateful for the small group of wonderful clients whose pets I’ve been taking care of for many years. They have become as close to me as friends and family.

I grew up with dogs and hamsters in my home and have always had a soft spot and love for animals of all shapes and sizes. As a young girl, horse fever hit and I spent all my free time at the barn learning many different disciplines. Although I didn’t achieve my dream of becoming a veterinarian, I was thrilled to work as a veterinary technician for a fantastic veterinarian for several years. I became a youth pastor, my true calling, and now, even better, a mom of two. We plan on getting a dog when our youngest is a bit older. In the meantime, I get my pet fix caring for all of your furry family members and I can’t thank you enough!


Area: Buckley
Specialties: dogs, cats, horses, chickens, fish, birds – you name it.

Founded Kelly’s Creature Comforts in 2001

I love animals and always have. As a kid, I had all kinds of pets – caterpillars, guinea pigs, fish, frogs and, of course, cats and dogs. I was thrilled to be a junior handler showing our collies in conformation. Over the years, I have owned parrots, dogs, cats, and horses.

My first jobs were in the pet industry; first, at a pet store for eight years then for two years at a veterinary clinic. As I got older I thought I should do something more “grownup” so I became a computer programmer for many years. I realized I couldn’t imagine living my life in an office so I explored my career options in the pet care industry. I decided on pet sitting. Pet sitting was a fairly new industry when I started in 2001 so I worked my regular job while building my pet sitting business on the side. After seven years I began adding employees.

My goal has always been to help as many people as I could by employing amazing people who care for our amazing clients! Our dog resort opened in 2019, adding to our ability to provide the different kinds of care needed by our client’s pets. I continually look for ways to make it better for our employees and our clients; caring for pets is truly my life’s passion!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to volunteering for several great local organizations. I did outreach for Tacoma Humane Society, helped Auburn Valley Humane Society get their walk program in place, and volunteered as a family farm docent at Woodland Park Zoo.


Areas: Bonnie Lake, Buckley, Northeast Lake Tapps
Specialties: dogs, cats, and horses

When I was a year old, my dad put me on a horse.  I’ve been in love with horses ever since and am passionate about caring for and working with animals of all kinds. I’ve had dogs and cats and currently have two horses, Salena, a 27 year old paint, pinto, Arabian mare, she’s been my heartbeat, and Hustler, an 8 year old paint.

In 2010, after working in the corporate world and as a volunteer EMT, light search and rescue, and neighborhood preparation trainer for FEMA, I became permanently disabled as a result of several significant health challenges, I love working with Kelly’s Creature Comforts. It enables me to care for animals and is flexible enough that I can work around the constraints of my disability. Kelly is amazing to work with. When I’m not caring for beloved pets, my husband and I ride our Harley Davidson’s; mine’s a three-wheeler, due to my disability.  We love to travel and if I could take my horse with me on my trike, I would be in heaven!


Areas: Buckley, Bonnie Lake, Lake Tapps, and Lakeland Hills
Specialties: dog walking, pet sitting, dog day care, and pet boarding

My brother was allergic to fur and feathers so we grew up with unconventional pets. We had fish, turtles, lizards, and even a caimen (relative of the alligator). Although they were fun pets, they were hard to snuggle with!  Eventually, we got dogs and cats and that led me to want to be a vet. Like many young girls, I always had a desire to work with animals in some manner. Even though that dream never came true, I found the next best thing … working for Kelly’s Creature Comforts where I get to care for variety of animals – dogs, cats, birds, turtles, lizards, fish, sheep, horses, chickens and turkeys!  Some of my client’s dogs stay with me while their humans go on vacation or business trips.  When I have “house guests” we have lots of fun playing fetch, doing zoomies around the pasture, and on warm summer days, playing in our doggie pool! In addition to scaly and slithery pets, I have had a parrot, parakeet, cats, dogs and chickens. I cannot imagine not having a pet in my home – I love them all – furry, feathered, and scaly – be it my pet or yours!

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