Dog Resort, Buckley, WA

Dog Boarding

Your dog can romp, play, and rest at the ultimate dog-friendly resort. Our entire facility is designed for plenty of individual attention and a pack environment.

  • Huge Play Field. Dogs can romp and play at least two or three times every day in our huge play field – 60 yards by 20 yards by 50 yards!
  • Rec Room. A six-hundred square foot dog-tastic rec room with couches, TVs, dog beds, and plenty of dog toys.
  • Private Suites. A spacious private resting suite for each dog (or, on request, two siblings). Each suite is a room (with a proper floor and walls) not a cage or kennel. Private suites are located around the perimeter of the rec room, joined to the rec room by a glass door.
  • Horses, too. Our horse field is located next to the dog play field.
  • On-Site Owners. Kelly and her family of people, dogs, cats, horses, bird, and the rest of their farm critters, live on the property. The dog resort is their livelihood and their dream come true.
  • Coming Soon – Trail Walks. In the near future, we will take dogs on trail walks at Wilkerson Creek and Rails to Trails, right across the street from our dog resort. The wildlife, the smells, the fresh air – pure joy!

In every way, from our amazing property and amenities to our people and systems, we designed our dog resort to enable us to provide the best care possible for dogs and true peace-of-mind for their humans.

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Dog Boarding Fees


$42.00 per dog per night
$16.50 per dog per 1/2 day
$20.00 per night per small caged pet

The staff has found such a great balance between being professionals and still treating my dogs like family. I have no doubt how much you care about my pets as well as us.
~ Bill and Rebecca