Pet Sitting for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and Much More

When you are away, you can relax knowing your pet will enjoy genuine loving care from a pet expert. Our pet sitters will pamper your pet and care for your home just the way you like.

Our services are tailored to you, your pets, and your home. We’ll meet with you and your pets at your home before your trip to discuss the services you’d like, discover what types of pampering your pet most enjoys, and learn about any special preferences you may have.

Pampered Pet Visits may include:

  • Fresh food and clean water (be sure you have plenty of food and treats on hand)
  • Litter box/run clean-up (be sure you have plenty of supplies on hand for the sitter’s use)
  • Boredom busters (you designate what we can do for your pet)
  • Tailored playtime
  • Accident clean-up
  • Alternate lights and shades
  • Alternate TV’s and radios for your pets entertainment
  • Pickup newspaper, mail, flyers and packages
  • Garbage, recycle, and yard waste bins to the curb and back
  • Online log of all visits

When you are away, you can make sure your beloved pet has everything they need and more to be healthy and happy.

Special requests and needs

Let us know if your pet has special dietary needs or takes medications. Talk with us if you have questions about vaccinations or any behavioral concerns. We are happy to provide knowledgeable suggestions and accommodate your dog’s needs while we are caring for them.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with a pet sitter so you can enjoy peace-of-mind while you are away from home.

Pet Sitting Fees

30 minute visit (exercise too) $27.30

45 minute visit $33.60

60 minute visit $37.80

“Kelly’s Creature Comforts is fantastic for all my pet sitting needs! … It really takes a load off my mind to know my Bella is so well-cared for while in her care.”  ~ Julie K, Lake Tapps