Pet Sitting Policies

Planning and clear communication help ensure the safety of your companion animals receiving pet sitting services.

Our pet sitting policies outline the responsibilities of Kelly’s Creature Comforts (KCC) and the animal(s) guardian (Owner). If you intend to schedule pet sitting services with us please let us know if you have any questions about our pet sitting policies. These policies help to ensure a happy pet sitting experience for you and your animal(s).

Our Policies

Loving care to include, but not be limited to, the following: feeding and watering, watering plants as necessary, collecting mail/paper, and medications as noted on KCC’s worksheet. Emergency calls between midnight and 6:00 A.M. will be at DOUBLE the listed per visit rate regardless of the cause of the emergency. Owner will provide all food and supplies. KCC reserves the right to purchase additional food and/or supplies for animal(s), if needed. In addition, a trip charge for obtaining food and/or supplies may apply (not to exceed $15.00 per trip). Owner agrees to reimburse KCC for all said charges upon return.

Continuing Obligations

It is understood and agreed between Owner and KCC, that this agreement contemplates that Owner will be in need of KCC’s services from time to time in the future, and it is further understood and agreed that the obligations and covenants contained herein shall apply to each provision of services in the future, without the need of entering into another agreement, unless altered in writing and signed by the parties herein. A new agreement must be executed if Owner moves. Owner will be notified of any price changes prior to new bookings by mail, phone, or e-mail as appropriate.

It is also hereby agreed that KCC will retain 2 sets of keys and any necessary access codes, properly secured, to Owner’s property until such time as Owner wishes the return of said keys and access codes. Keys will ONLY be returned in person to Owner, to Owner’s authorized representative. KCC will not “leave” the keys at the last visit of a session.

As further consideration for the services rendered, Owner agrees to waive and release KCC and/or their representatives from any claim for injury, loss, and/or death of Owner’s animal(s) and from any claim for loss and/or damage to Owner’s property including but not limited to, that caused by Owner’s animal(s). While following specific instructions provided by Owner regarding the care of their animal(s), all measures will be taken to assure the security and wellbeing of said animal(s).

For the safety and well-being of your animal(s) and the security of your property, “job sharing” is absolutely NOT permitted under the terms of this agreement. Therefore, all parties agree that no other person(s), including family members, shall have access to Owner’s animal(s) and/or property during the dates of service except KCC and/or their representatives. The police will be called on all intruders or suspicious acts. Persons that might be on the property but not “job sharing”, will be listed on KCC’s worksheet prior to Owner’s departure.

KCC will continue its services as scheduled by the Owner or person’s authorized by Owner, change in return plans must be called in to KCC for service to continue past the original scheduled date/time. The per-visit charge(s) will continue to be incurred by Owner if service past scheduled date/time occurs. In the event an attorney is retained to enforce any provision(s) of this Pet/Livestock Agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to reimbursement for all legal fees and costs incurred in such action.

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